Tony Stace &

Andrew Nix

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Tony & Andrew's

Duet Show

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It was many years ago at a festival in Devon where Tony & Andrew first performed as a duo. They were booked to play their morning informal sessions separately but toward the end of their sessions they joined forces for a few spontaneous selections which proved very successful. As a result of this, they were invited to some venues to perform as a duo. As they believe in giving a highly polished performance at every show, they often meet to arrange and rehearse all their duet music until they are satisfied that they can perform it to the highest standard. Also, they keep adding new music to keep the programme fresh. Both Andrew & Tony really enjoy the duet show as most of their work is as solo performers so this keeps it interesting. For details of Tony's concert diary click here and for details of Andrews concert diary click here.


As well as at their festivals, they perform the duet show at other venues

around the country. Also they have some fantastic recordings on offer. You can contact them for details of available recordings. They have duet CD's and each have solo CD's.